Restaurant Waste Removal Services

Restaurant Waste Removal Services

Estimates suggest that foodservice establishments in the UK generate over 400,000 tonnes of avoidable waste annually, with substantial social, environmental, and economic ramifications. Proper restaurant waste management practices must therefore be put in place in order to ensure all forms of garbage originating in your restaurant are handled efficiently and effectively.

Restaurant waste is unavoidable; be it leftover food from customers, broken glasses, or damaged kitchen equipment. As a restaurant owner, your responsibility lies with recycling or reusing as much waste as possible and having minimal environmental impact.

Restaurant Recycling

At our company, we are fully dedicated to minimizing the environmental impacts associated with excessive waste. This includes restaurant food waste that costs businesses unnecessary money in sending directly to landfill. Restaurant food waste can still be utilized effectively instead of going to waste.

Businesses across the country rely on us for food waste recycling technology of the highest standard. Composting is encouraged; alternatively, anaerobic digestion allows food waste to be broken down to produce biogas that generates renewable energy as well as biofertiliser that can be spread onto fields.

Many other forms of restaurant waste are fully recyclable. Packaging waste such as cardboard, paper and plastics can be transformed into new materials like cardboard packaging products; glass is also recyclable if separated by color before being cleaned, crushed into cullet and heated before finally being formed into new glass products.

We can offer your organisation a comprehensive food waste management system designed to recycle as much of it as possible, using bins dedicated for each type of waste produced.

Restaurant Bins

Utilizing the appropriate bin for each type of waste your company produces is crucial to effective waste management plans and can ensure proper storage, recycling and disposal. There is a range of bins you should have onsite as part of an effective waste management strategy; some examples could include:

Food bin: A 120 or 240 litre wheelie bin can be used to store only food waste. Specialized bins, including ones equipped with an opening specially designed to accept such material while simultaneously protecting against pests like gulls or rodents are available as a solution.

Cardboard Bin: Separate recyclable cardboard materials to be recycled; restaurants using large amounts may find using a baler more convenient for compressing cardboard into storage space. Glass Bins (120 and 240 L Wheelie Bins) - Can store glass of all colors that needs recycling.

Aluminium Can Bin: Metal cans for ingredients should be stored separately to be recycled, while general waste bins should be used to collect any non-recyclable or non-reusable waste. Educating your colleagues about what can be recycled can reduce how much of this recyclable waste ends up going to landfill.

Restaurant bins come in various sizes to suit everything from small cafes to large gastropubs. Find the appropriate bin for your restaurant's waste needs to ensure it ends up where it belongs.

ClearQuick: Your Friend To Manage Restaurant Waste

Restaurant Waste Collection With ClearQuick's restaurant waste collection services, you can expect competitive pricing, reliable collections and our commitment to zero landfill - not to mention free wheelie bins! Additionally, you'll get a duty of care certificate and replacement bins free of charge!

Our restaurant waste collections services can accommodate the specific needs of any restaurant and meet its food waste management goals. With nationwide collection services available, no job is too small or large.

No matter where in the vicinity of Bristol and Bath your restaurant may be located, our professional waste management services offer services suitable to you. Our licensed waste carriers can collect waste from your restaurant and transport it directly to a recycling or appropriate disposal facility nearby for recycling or appropriate disposal.

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